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April 30th, 2010

02:45 pm: Boston Brokie Gathering & AIDS Walk - June 2010



We are pleased to confirm that Brokeback Mountain will be showing at 4pm on June 5th at the Coolidge Theatre, 290 Harvard St. Brookline, Boston.


The Coolidge is a not for profit movie theatre built in 1906.  We will be using one of their private rental facilities which holds up to 45 people.  The facility has big leather seats and surround sound, so this should be a great place to view our movie in comfort with fellow Brokies.


If we get 20 people to view the movie the cost will be $20 per person, if we get 30 people the cost will be about $14 per person, so the price range is about what you pay to go see a regular movie today.  We have about 20 plus confirmed attendees for the Boston weekend events at this point but will need to get an exact count of who will be attending the movie so we can establish the exact price.  The more people attending the less it will be per person!  So tell your friends and fellow Brokies!  But the limit for this theatre is 45 people so we will fill the spaces on a first confirmed basis.  We ask that current attendees please confirm with us that you will be coming to the screening so that we can add your name to the list.  Thanks!


We will arrange to meet at our group hotel around 3pm on Saturday and will go en-masse to the theatre.  For locals who want to travel directly to the theatre we suggest planning to arrive there by 3:30 – 3:45pm at the lastest.


Nothing is better than watching Brokeback Mountain on a large screen with fellow Brokies, and it doesn’t happen very often anymore, so don’t miss this chance!


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April 23rd, 2010

02:24 pm: Boston Broke Gathering & Aids Walk June 2010 - HOTEL UPDATE

Hi Folks,


Below are the details for the hotel we're using for the event.  Cheers!


Boston Brokie Gathering & Aids Walk - Update


Hotel Details :


John Hancock Hotel – phone : 617-933-7700 / web : www.jhcenter.com

40 Trinity Place

Boston, Massachusetts


Directions to the Hotel : www.jhcenter.com/location.htm


Everyone is responsible for their own booking but we can help to co-ordinate people who want to stay together or who are willing to share a room.


Queen bed rooms are $149 per night

Queen bed with pull-out sofa are $159 per night

2 Double bed rooms are $169 per night

Junior Suites with pull out couch for $169 per night


Continental breakfast each morning is included with all rooms.  We were told there are only a few rooms with 2 double beds so we advise those interested in this type of room to book early.


You may be able to get a bit better rate by booking on one of the travel websites like Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz, and you should also try to see if you can get a better rate at the hotel itself using your AAA or other discount card.


Please contact Lisa, Lynne or myself by e-mail, on facebook or at anyone of the forums if you have questions.  Thanks!


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April 14th, 2010

05:42 am: Boston Brokie Gathering & AIDS Walk June 2010

To All Brokie Friends Far and Near,

Four fuckin’ years!

Well we all know those words by heart, but truth is it has been over four years since Brokeback Mountain first came out and took us and the world by storm. Lots has happened since then and while for some of us the intense feelings that this wonderful movie evoked for us have dimmed over the years, the love for this movie and the journeys that it lead us on continue.

So in the sprit of this love and our on-going journeys we feel it is time for another Brokie gathering. The last major Brokie event took place in August 2008 in Los Angeles when Brokeback Mountain was shown as part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences  “Great to be Nominated Series”. Hundreds of us descended on Los Angeles and filled the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills for a viewing of the movie with a question and answer period after with Diana Ossana and spent the rest of a wonderful weekend leaving our mark on LA! This was nearly 2 years ago!

We feel this has been long enough! Not four fuckin’ years but long enough!

With a lead from lynne on the Bettermost forum to get Brokies together for the 25th annual Boston Aids Walk, and as the 5th Anniversary of the release of the movie approaches this autumn, we felt it would be a wonderful idea to develop the weekend into a full Brokie gathering for us to get together once again to celebrate everything that Brokeback Mountain is to us and everything that it continues to be. So please accept this letter as an invitation to the Boston Brokie Gathering and Aids Walk to take place from June 4th to 6th, 2010.

Since it has been awhile since the last big gathering and the Aids Walk is a great charity event we are hoping for a great turn out of Brokies old and new. This will be a chance to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, relive the emotions of the last four years and celebrate “our” movie once again.

The schedule for the event is developing and we’ll keep interested participants up to date through e-mails, and threads on the Brokeback forums.

You can follow the initial discussions for the event at the Bettermost forum :


There are also threads in the “Member Gatherings” sections at Dave Cullen Forum & Ennisjack.:



You can also read up about and sign up for (even virtually if you want!) the Aids Walk Boston and “Team Brokeback” at (please note those attending the gathering are not required to take part in the walk but many attendees will be) :


You can even follow us on Facebook!


A preliminary schedule for the weekend will be:

Friday June 4th

-          Social get-together as guests arrive in town either at a local pub or other venue

Saturday June 5th

-          Social events in and around Boston, city tours, and sites of interest during the day, just hanging out together
-          Either in the afternoon or early evening there will be a showing of Brokeback Mountain in a local movie theatre in Boston, either as a private rental or a public event – more on this once details are confirmed.
-          A group dinner that evening, with after dinner socialising and dancing, maybe some late night bar hoping for those so inclined.

Sunday June 6th

-          The Aids Walk Boston takes place that morning (see link above) – we want our team to be big and loud and proud!
-          A group lunch and afternoon socialising time
-          Further events will be organised for those that are staying till Monday.

On the Bettermost site a hotel has been listed that has been used by Brokies in the past but we are currently looking at additional hotel options and will have details in the next few weeks, we may be able to combine the movie viewing at a theatre connected to a conference hotel and possibly we’ll arrange our gatherings and key events there. We’ll report back with more details shortly. We are also looking at a few other entertainment options and hopefully we’ll have a few surprises in place.

The Brokeback phenomenon caught us all by surprise when the movie came out back in December 2005 and we hope everyone will make an effort to join us in Boston to relive it all again. We all know the more Brokies the merrier and we truly hope for a great turn out to celebrate our movie and show our support for Aids research.

So mark your calendar: June 4th - 6th 2010 – Boston!

Please let us know if you might be able to make it, we’ll need to get an idea of numbers as we start to decide on locations for the movie viewing and other events. Also please pass this invitation to any other Brokies you may know.

With much Brokie love,

Lisa (BBMISwear), Lynne (lynne) and Ted (Dontwanttosaygb)


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July 26th, 2008

07:08 pm: Jake Visit - Thank You

Hi Folks,

First off we just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, interest and feedback on our Jake Visit report. The enthusiasm for it has been overwhelming to say the least. So thank you all very much.

We will get to all the feedback, comments, and questions as soon as we can but as most of you know summer is short and there is lots to do, but we promise we will get back to each and every one of you.

Secondly, we wanted to say that while we thought the post would be popular to a point, the feedback has truly moved us. It has been as much of an emotional joy for us to read how people were moved, cried, laughed, felt like they were there, felt like they now know Jake a little better, etc., etc. Honestly, all of you, it has been so moving to read this and you have no idea how it has touched us.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who made personal posts on their own journals, commented on the story in the various threads of the various communities, both BBM and also Jake related. Again your interest has been phenomenal and has made the long journey over the last two months that it has taken for us to write this encounter, all worth it.

We also noticed that on several communities some questions, concerns and issues were raised. We will post again addressing some of these things, while we don’t feel obliged to have to do this, we would like to maybe address some of the concerns and clarify some of the points raised. Our motivation for this is not to get into an endless debate with doubters or those who question what we did, but to make sure that no misrepresentations about what happened exist. We both feel that ourselves, Jake, Emily and anyone else involved in this encounter acted honestly and sincerely.

Thanks again for everything,

Cheers, Ted & Lisa

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July 13th, 2008

05:03 pm: Ted & Lisa's Excellent Adventure (The Jake Visit Report)

Dear Folks,

Well it's finally here - the story of Ted and Lisa's Excellent Adventure to visit Jake Gyllenhaal in South Carolina at the end of April.

These posts are friends locked, so you'll have to either friend this journal, I'll friend everyone back or alternatively you'll have to comment to this entry asking to be friended.  We'll try and keep up with the requests and friend everyone as quickly as possible.

Please read the opening to our story closely, as this is not a work of fiction but an account of our adventure and we ask people to consider that fact when discussing or posting about this story, and take into consideration the private lives of the characters involved.

We are more than happy to have people discuss or post about this story to the Brokeback forums or other Jake or Heath related sites, but we do ask that large blocks of the post not be cut and pasted to any public forum.  We thank everyone for their co-operation with this.

If you any questions about the story post them as comments to the story and we'll try, either Ted (dontwanttosaygb) or Lisa (bbmiswear), to answer them for you.

Well not much else to say, thanks for waiting and we hope you enjoy!

Cheers, Ted and Lisa

Introduction & Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9 & Epilogue 

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July 11th, 2008

01:04 am: Final Update on Jake Post

Hey Folks,

We are happy to say the post is finished, all 65 pages of it, and now there are just some formatting issues to deal with and some photos to edit; I am sad to say we missed our deadline of this Thursday but the post will be up in the next 36 hours maximum.  Sorry this has taken so long but there was a lot of ground to cover and a lot of writing to do.  Please know we are doing this post to share our experience with the community, and we hope people will find it interesting to read, so please just hold on a day longer and it will be here.  Sorry, I know we have broken numerous promises but unfortunately real life sometimes gets in the way.  Keep checking back, it will be here very, very  shortly,

Cheers, Ted and Lisa

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July 7th, 2008

01:23 pm: Update on Jake Visit Post

Hi All and Everyone,

This is the week we promised the post about Jake, and it will be posted shortly.  I know I said the 7th a few times in the UK, but I messed up the date and didn't know it was a Monday, right after the long holiday weekend in the States and Lisa was away at family stuff and I was caught up here on many things.

For all intents and purposes it is written, I have a few updates to do today and then Lisa will get it for final edits.  Baring no major catastrophe the post will be up by this Wednesday or Thursday.

I am sorry for the false start I annouced in the UK, I should have looked at a calendar first.

Thanks, Ted and Lisa


June 16th, 2008

11:02 pm: Update on Jake Visit Post

Hi Folks,
As many of you are aware, Lisa and myself have promised to make a post about our visit to see Jake in South Carolina at the end of April. 
We just wanted to apologise (again) for the delay in getting this post up.  We have pretty much finished, or written the whole event, just some small details to fill in and I now have the document and am just doing edits and expansions of the details.  This has taken us much longer than planned, and part of that is just that Lisa and I are detail people so a lot of effort is being put in to getting the feelings and emotions of the moments right.
Another large factor has just been timing, beyond really anything, it just happened to be two very busy months for both of us with work and real life.  So really just bad timing.
We have set a deadline for ourselves of the first week of July.  At the absolute latest the post will be made by then.  I am heading over to the UK for two weeks, so that will slow me down but I will work on it whenever I get a free chance over there.
No matter what our promise holds, the post will be made by latest first week of July, so look out for it on this journal.
Also don't worry about details or think that we will have forgotten things that took place or were said, we made very detailed notes that night after the visit and also the next day, so no need to worry on that front.
We are sure that everyone will enjoy the post, and we hope it will shed some light on a lot of things that have been felt and said over the last while.
Cheers, Ted and Lisa

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May 29th, 2008

06:41 pm: Postcard Series - The Balancing Flame

Postcard Series - The Balancing Flame

Pairing : Jack Twist & Ennis Del Mar
Type : Canon One-Shot
Rating : PG-13
Warning : Sadness but not Dead!Jack but yes Canon
Feedback : Welcomed – go for it as they say!
Copyright : Characters belong to the wonderful Annie Proulx, just borrowing them for a while, see what they get up to with me. Makin’ nothin’ from this!

Summary : This story takes place in July 1983 in Childress, Texas when Jack receives a postcard from Ennis.

Author’s Note : I wrote a canon one-shot called “Undeliverable”, about a postcard that Ennis receives. This one-shot got me thinking about these postcards that Jack and Ennis sent to each other, the only real form of communication that each had with the other outside of their few trips each year to the mountains. I have wondered what else these postcards were saying. I have put together the outline for eight stories that I am calling the Postcard Series which will explore how these simple physical items of paper impact various characters in the Brokeback Mountain story. This is the fourth story in the series. Thanks to bcatjr for all her help!

Links to others in the series below :

Undeliverable – Ennis Del Mar
Treasured Garbage – Alma Beers-Del Mar
Torn Hearts – Mrs. Twist

Read The Balancing Flame HereCollapse )

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May 21st, 2008

09:44 pm: Meet Me On The Mountain (Shawn Kirchner)

Meet Me On The Mountain – New Brokeback Mountain CD

Songs by Shawn Kirchner


I just wanted to post some of the lyrics from this new CD that recently came out.  I received my copy in the mail today and it really is a gem; the songs are wonderful to listen to with a soft country twang and beat.  All the songs were inspired by Brokeback Mountain and written by Shawn Kirchner, and each represents a view of one of the characters in the movie and short story, including Jack & Ennis (obviously) but also Alma, Lureen and Cassie.  The words are stunning and beautiful.  The lyrics I have included are all from songs either from Jack or Ennis’s perspective and all moved me.  The last which is from Jack’s perspective talking to Ennis after he is gone, has such beautiful words and I guess could be applied to Heath and where he is now; like the song says “When I am gone don’t you look for me in the places I have been.  I’ll be alive, but somewhere else – I’ll be on my way again!”


The lead vocals on the songs below is Ryan Harrison; he has a great voice in my opinion.  Songs from Alma, Lureen or Cassie's perspective are sung by Alice Murray or Karen Harper.


I would recommend any Brokeback Mountain fan to get this CD, it is a real pleasure to re-live the story in another way. There is talk that Shawn might perform this CD at a concert around the Brokeback screening taking place in August in LA.  This is the link to the website to order it –




I am still amazed at how this movie continues to inspire in so many ways.


Cheers, Ted



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